Tuesday, December 4, 2012

3 Burning Problems With The Kindle Fire HD

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One of my new found hobbies is to read the reviews of tablets and tablet accessories on Amazon.  I’m finding this to be a great way to gain a better understanding of how consumers are feeling about tablet computers, what features they’re most excited about, and perhaps more importantly, what features are frustrating users the most.  As you can imagine, this is valuable information for anyone to know – from bloggers to manufacturers!
It’s the latter, I believe, that holds the most value for tablet manufacturers like Amazon.  The negative comments about the Kindle Fire HD, for example, provide objective insights from actual users.  No more having to conduct customer surveys… you get everything you’d ever want to know – both good and bad – right there in the Amazon reviews.
Here’s 3 problems with the new Kindle Fire HD that I see pop up over and over again.  And if Amazon is smart (which they obviously are), then they would take note of these negative reviews (which they probably do).

Problems with ads and recommendations on Kindle Fire HD

One of the most recurring negative comment about the Kindle Fire HD is the ads and recommendations.  Here’s a great example of what you’ll find regarding the negative feedback about the recommendation and ads on the Kindle Fire HD:
One of the most recurring negative comment about the Kindle Fire HD is the ads and recommendations.  Here’s a great example of what you’ll find regarding the negative feedback about the recommendation and ads on the Kindle Fire HD:
I know, and expect, to see ‘recommendations’ (customer who bought this..also bought that…) when I am browsing and purchasing items – but I shouldn’t have to see random ‘recommendations’ on my main screen when logged into my Kindle Fire HD. WHEN I AM NOT EVEN LOOKING AT ANYTHING. Basically, on the Fire where you have your favorites….on the new HD it is all advertising (‘recommendations’), and they CANNOT BE REMOVED. They now have a star to click on for your favorites. So, I paid my $15+tax to remove all of this (so I thought). When I did, the first log in screen turned back into the normal ‘back ground’ screen saver. But, when I logged in – guess what is still there….recommendations. I called tech support, and they ended up refunding my $15 (for the misunderstanding)…but advised me that the recommendations CANNOT be removed until enough of us complain to Amazon to get an update to remove it.

Problem with Wireless Connectivity on the Kindle Fire HD

Another major problem you see pop up in the negative reviews on the Kindle Fire HD is the issue regarding wireless connectivity.  Obviously, when a user takes their Kindle Fire HD out of the box, they expect it to fire up and just work… seemlessly.  What users don’t expect is having to fight with wireles connectivity issues.  One user continually hammered Amazon over their “authentication failure” message on the Kindle Fire HD.
Here’s an example of the negative reviews coming from Kindle Fire HD users regarding wireless connectivity and “authentication failure”.

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Consistently has problems connecting with a wireless connection, giving the error of “authentication failure”, making it necessary to connect using the “Settings, Wireless, Connect” from the settings menu (works fine after that). 6. Whispersync for Voice and Audible.com do not communicate well at all! I bought several books (free) with free associated audio books from audible.com. What a nightmare! Audible.com does not automatically link your Amazon account, and when it does, it picks the first 3 devices to use on your account there. If the first 3 do not list your kindle fire HD, you cannot download the books wirelessly to your device from Amazon’s Manage Your Kindle page or Audible.com’s My Library page.

Skype Only Camera on Kindle Fire HD

Finally, the third major complaint I’ve seen pretty consistently when it comes to the Kindle Fire HD is how the camera only works with the Skype app.  And there’s been mention that it works also now works with the Facebook app, but with some major finagling.
Here’s what users are saying about their disdain for the “Skype only camera app” on the Kindle Fire HD:
The HD camera is a Skype only camera. You cant take pictures at all. If your going to push that you have HD Front Facing Camera, have at least 1 app that can let us use the “Camera” for taking pictures. To say “its coming soon” is ridiculous. It should work out of the box. You build a whole new UI, and can’t build a simple native camera app??
However, despite the negative reviews, 1 star ratings make up only about 10% of the 3,086 (at the time of this writing) reviews that give the Kindle Fire HD a strong 4 star rating overall.  And the Kindle Fire HD is still the best selling product on Amazon.  Not to mention Amazon doubling their sales on Thanksgiving compared to last year – all thanks to the Kindle Fire HD.
So what do you think about the Kindle Fire HD?  Do you have any negative feedback to add?  Or are you happy with your Kindle Fire HD?